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"I highly recommend Photos by Flealips Photography and Lynn Durham for all your photography needs.

My lifelong problem has been blinking my eyes when I hear the cameraís shutter or when there is a flash. In 85% of all the pictures Iíve taken, my eyes are closed! Recently, my eyes appear bloodshot in photos because of my medication. I tried countless photographers, but the results were always disappointing.

I told Lynn I wanted a few good pictures as I thought only a few of them would be usable. Imagine my delight and surprise when ALL of them were so good, I had a hard time choosing among them.

Lynn enhanced the pictures so that my eyes are brighter, and my hair is fuller than if you saw me in person. I am sure youíll be as pleased as I am when Lynn takes the photos that will capture your special moments for a lifetime."

A Very Satisfied Customer

~ Marilyn Teolis
"Thank you so much for sending the cd so was fantastic, Lynn.....I said I would not be going to any more reunions......but I may change my mind.....especially if you are was a lot of fun!!

Again, thank you Lynn......the cd made me smile.....lots!!! You are so talented......let's keep in touch."

~ Kaye Parker Wright (BHS Class of 1968)
"I received my Titanic package last night when I arrived home. The pics are great and the CD looks soooo professional! So much for $30! You are a pro! It is so great that you do this for us, pictures are sometimes the only things we can take away from a production. Thanks! "

~ Cat

"These images from our wedding are really amazing! Thank you does not do any justice for how much I appreciate what all you did and your time and effort. My heartís full of gratitude and joy for your gift and talent."

~ Mrs Leah Heyman-Partridge


"You have some wonderful pictures of my daughter and the rest of the cast...what every mom wants. Thanks again! I will remember you the next time I need photos taken."

~ Lisa Wooley
(Daughter in cast of Tom Sawyer)


"We are more than pleased with your work! I could not be happier with the spectacular job you did. Thanks again for all you did to make our wedding such a special experience and a magical memory!"

~ Kristen Eckman
(Winner of the Wedding at Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre)


"OHMIGOD!!!!!!! I adore the pictures of the show!!! There are so many I want to frame. You are so gifted. Thank you so much. I left you a check at the box office. I hope to work with you again!"

~ Layne (Sasser)
"Beau Jest" at Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre


"You are such an awesome photographer! All these tricks of the trade you are learning have just enhanced your need to RAISE your prices"

~ Cassie Batty


"My CD arrived yesterday. You did a marvelous job and captured a gazillion great photos. The mood of the Class Reunion was wonderfully recorded. Thank you for all you did to preserve those precious memories."

~ Wendy


"Lynn, We loved the pictures and the discs (of our 40th Class Reunion). We had a great weekend. Thank you for your efforts to make sure that we could take our memories with us."

~ Mike and Sandy Menefee


"All you have to do is look at the fabulous headshots of my beautiful granddaughter, Peyton, to know that you are the best. She has won several most photogenic contests on the basis of the pictures that you shot. Also the pictures you took at my niece's wedding were outstanding. You are the best."

~ Linda Speir


"Thanks you so much for my photo CD....Your work is so professional and you have such a great artistic eye! I will be sure to think of you the next time I direct - you certainly have a deal that can't be beat!"

~ Jessika Malone
Business Manager for Actors
Bridge Ensemble


"LOVE the shots! You're doin exactly what we need! Keep up the good work! Your job is secure :)"

~ Martha Wilkinson
Artistic Director/Publicity Coordinator
Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theater


"We got the CD today, and the pictures are wonderful! Thank you so very much for such a special gift! You captured many moments that we would have never known about without your eyes, and you have given us a very special way to remember and relive this important time for our families! We will always treasure these pictures!"

~ Carol McLawhorn, Dalton, GA.


"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for the CD of the pictures! You really "captured" the event for all of us! We just can't thank you enough - there was so much we didn't get to see but you were there and have helped us to see what we were not able to even see. Thank you SO much for all you did."

~ Jim and Jane Ball Carrolton, KY


As her husband for more than twenty years, I am in a unique position to know just how much care she puts into each project she does. You could easily think that the majority of her work is at the 'shoot'. But I have observed, always, that she doesn't simply download the digital images she has captured from her camera to a CD. She takes each shot, one by one, into her computer and carefully examines every photograph(and she usually takes hundreds at the major events). She crops the images and adjusts for just the best lighting, color and tint; she sometimes takes out distracting background objects, but nothing that any person who attended the event would notice. She works for hours and hours on every project, and she literally strives for perfection in every event she undertakes.

~ Phil Durham, Sales and Technical Engineer, Vashaw Scientific, Inc.


Our son's wedding pictures look great! You did such a good job and everyone really enjoyed working with you. Thanks for everything".

~ Glenda Myers


Now I'm crying. Looking at these pictures of my parents...they've never had pictures like these made before in their whole lives! And they're both smiling...and my Daddy has his arm around my Mother! He's so very shy, he seldom EVER does that in front of Mother will be THRILLED!!!!! THOSE PICTURES OF MOTHER ARE WORTH THEIR WIEGHT IN GOLD! I am going to make a print of those for everyone in the whole family.

I want you to remember this with every picture you take. Your pictures are far more than a snapshot. Your pictures are captured memories, that are not just a joy in the moment, but a lasting reminder, often for generations, of who and what we are and were. Years from now, people will be looking at your pictures, sometimes of loved ones who are gone, and remembering. Small children will look at your pictures, and ask questions about relatives and loved ones they may never have met. Your wonderful "hobby", great fun for you, will provide countless people with a visual that may never have happened for them. What a wonderful gift to be able to give, Lynn. Once again, God has seen the opportunity to use one of His Children, you, with your giving heart. What a joy for you, my friend! Thank you, Jesus, for Your Gift to my friend, Lynn. She is using Your Gift wisely, and well.

~Terran Meadows Thomas


Lynn, you did a fabulous job with Peyton's headshots and portfolio! We are so pleased and are having a hard time deciding which pictures to use as they are all incredible. The first pageant we went to with her new pictures won her a Most Photogenic Award! She also placed 3rd runner up out of almost 100 children in an online photo contest with a different shot!

We can't thank you enough for everything and we will definitely be coming back with my son and other daughter! You have become a treasure to this family as a photographer and friend.

Check out the headshot section of this webpage for proof of what great work Lynn did with my daughter! You will not be disappointed.

~Daphne (Mother of Peyton) Ballington


Just dropping a note to let you know that Molly and mom absolutely loved the photos... I think they want about 12 copies of each one of them.

~Brandon Rawlins


Ted and I have been talking about the photos you took of us with our puppies and how well you did getting all those shots. We already want to book you for next year!

~ Michele Kocher


The pictures Lynn took of me for the Southwest Airlines article were excellent, as well as the ones of my wife, myself, and my son Patrick for the Southwest contest. We would certainly recommend her for office and birthday parties, plays, special events, etc.

~ Ed Day President, Day & Associates


I have known Lynn for almost 30 years and those years are not lost to me because she lovingly recorded them for posterity. I have albums and albums of my children, family and every important occasion in my life. It has been her passion through the years and she is SO qualified to capture your special event! Give her a try and you will not be sorry!

~ Christina Dobson


I cannot thank you enough for sending the puppy photos. You sent the perfect ones and choose and edited them beautifully. I am so glad you are doing what you always were meant to do...You instinctively KNOW what people want and like and you are a perfect judge of that,....very gifted with photos and matching personalities.

~ Terre Phillips, owner and manager of Peavine Creek Farms


Lynn allowed us to fully enjoy Tom's surprise 60th birthday party without worrying that we wouldn't have our memories--and the moment he arrived!--captured. The disposable cameras we laid around didn't result in much, so we were SO happy she was there. The photos Lynn took were candid and well-chosen, and left us with a beautiful portrait of this very important experience--including those parts we didn't get to see ourselves--from start to finish. Really wonderful job!

~ Chris Newell


Your photos of our wedding are by far some of our most favorite. Yes we had a 7 camera, Television shoot and to this day enjoy a wedding that truly looks "made for TV" and our Professional photographer took fine staged shoots, your ability to capture the spirit of Our wedding makes yours by far the most endearing photos of the lot, yours are The ones we have hanging on our walls.

~ Richard David


Thank you so much for the beautiful photos of our cub scout kick off. You really captured the children having fun. We know it is hard because boys never stay in one place for longer than a second yet you were able to capture candid shots. Anyone using your service will be more than pleased. You think of subjects without suggestions. Again our gratitude.

~ Cub Pack 997


For many years Lynn was the receptionist at an office building my company rented from. She was the "picture happy" woman. She made some very good pictures of me, my husband and other people in the office, especially at Christmas time. She gave me an 8x10 as a gift and my husband has it on his desk, and she didn't let me break her camera!

~ Wanzor Wilks, Paralegal


Thanks so much for the awesome picture you took of my wife while I was deployed to Iraq. Receiving the photo made me feel closer to home.

~ SFC David P. Fullerton


Having taken photos of, and for, me during most of my professional career, I can honestly say that Lynn knows how to capture the best in every picture.

~ Rebekah Durham, professional actor and singer


Lynn did a wonderful job of capturing Grant's birthday party! She photographed every guest so that we could make a photo 'guest book' as well as taking plenty of wonderful candid shots that were a joy to look back on! It was such a relief to trust that Lynn was taking care of the photography so that we could relax and enjoy ourselves.

~ Brooke Norsworthy


Lynn has been our official office function photographer for several years. She mingles with everyone and gets a wonderful assortment of shots. Our office scrapbooks are filled with imaginative and memorable photos taken through the years of associates and friends.

~ Sherry Cheatham, Perimeter Park Executive Center


Lynn took the photos at my wedding. I have known her for years and I know she has been taking photographs for at least 45 years and has become quite the professional. She did a wonderful job on photographing my wedding and I would recommend her for recording your memories of any occasion or event.

~ Jerry Tyrrell


We forgot Lynn was around......the pictures were amazing.

~ Skip Steffner, President of Chattanooga Armature Works


Your photos are the best I have ever seen and I am the webmaster for over 30 websites!

~ Dayle Haworth, sister & webmaster


To reach Lynn Durham
Call Home: (615) 833-1560 or
Cell: (615) 337-7832 or email:

Mrs. Lynn Durham
4921 Olivia Drive
Antioch, TN 37013

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